Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Last Dictator

  Every now and then I would like to post one of my songs or a video, along with some of the history behind it. I am going to start with a song called 'The Last Dictator'.

  My usual songwriting process is to sit and strum my guitar and wait for a song to come along. Lyrically, this particular song started with the idea of a conversation between Colonel Gadaffi and a nameless western diplomat, wherein an olive branch was offered to him giving him an option to back out of the conflict gracefully.

 This song was written while he was still alive but talks had broken down. I am not trying to make any political points in this song; merely trying to convey the hopelessness and stupidity of the situation. Like a lot of songs I write, the lyrics for this one came forth spontaneously as if delivered to me by a muse, and it wasn't long before I stumbled across the urgent, rolling guitar part to go with it.

  Please let me know what you think of the song and I hope you enjoy listening........

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