Sunday, 19 January 2014

New Song in the making....old song for your pleasure

 So it's the middle of an alcohol free January, and I must admit I have been neglecting the practice a bit over the last couple of weeks ( if you saw my performance last Thursday then I apologise if it was a bit ropey ). Anyway the good news is that I started writing another new song today which is called 'Jennifer Waves'. The song based around the rough story of a man on a station platform seeing off his girlfriend Jennifer who waves to him from the train as it is leaving but he doesn't see her wave, and she doesn't realise that he hasn't seen her. So she is happy in the knowledge that everything is fine and is left with good thoughts of their time together while he thinks she hasn't bothered to wave and starts reading all sorts of bad things into it.  It is still a work in progress but that's the basic premiss.

  Until that song is finished, here's another video from the shoot I did the other day of my song 'The Man That I Can't Be'.........Enjoy

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